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Alton Towers Concept ArtSee below for Alton Towers Concept Art. The Towers have existed since 1860, being the seat of the Earls of Shrewsbury, and is based near the Village of Alton, in Staffordshire, UK. The grounds and towers were open to tourists for many years, and a Theme Park was opened in 1980. Since then, the Park has become famous around the globe for its World’s first coasters, including Nemesis, Air, Thi3teen, and most recently, the Smiler, which features a record breaking 14 inversions. Alton Towers is the most visited Theme Park in the UK, and is Merlin Entertainments flagship Park in the UK.

The Park

Ripsaw Concept Art

Concept showing Ripsaw, the Park’s Huss Top Spin.

Alton Towers Concept Art

An elevation concept of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s facade. The attraction is a dark boat ride, based on the classic Roald Dahl novel of the same name.

Air Concept Art

Concept showing Air, the Park’s flying coaster.

Mutiny Bay Concept Art

Concept showing Battle Galleons, part of the Park’s Mutiny Bay area.

Nemesis Concept Art

Layout concept for Nemesis.

Alton Towers Concept Art

Nemesis: Sub Terra concept art. The ride was critically derided upon its premiere.

Alton Towers Concept Art

Concept showing the Driving School, part of the Cloud Cuckoo Land area of the Park.

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