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Disneyland Concept Art

See below for concept art from Disneyland, made for Disney’s original Park in Anaheim, California.


The Park

Disneyland Concept Art

Concept for a retail location in Adventureland.

Disneyland Concept Art

Fantsay Faire elevation Concept.

Disneyland Concept Art

Tomorrowland Makeover Concept.

disneyland concept art

A concept showing Tomorrowland 2055, the project to makeover Tomorrowland as part of Michael Eisner’s Disney Decade. The project died with the financial failure of Disneyland Paris.

Mickey and the Magical Map Concept Art

Mickey and the Magical Map Concept Art, showing the show in full swing.

Big Thunder Mountain Concept Art

One of Tony Baxter’s original concepts for Big Thunder Mountain.

Toad Hall

Concept showing Toad Hall, which houses Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Disneyland Concept Art

The first concept of Disneyland, showing an overview of the Park. This concept was used in meetings between Walt Disney and the Park’s investors and sponsors.

It's a Small World Concept Art

Concept showing a child from It’s a Small World, by the legendary Mary Blair.

Frontierland Concept Art

A concept showing the entrance to Frontierland.

Snow White's Grotto

A concept showing Snow White’s Grotto.

Jungle Cruise Concept Art

A line depiction of the Jungle Cruise.

Jungle Cruise Concept Art

A map of the Jungle Cruise attraction.

Fantasy Faire

A concept showing Fantasy Faire.

Mickey Mouse Park Concept Art

Mickey Mouse Park Concept Art. This Park, across the street from Walt Disney’s Burbank Studios, was the precursor to Disneyland.

Mickey Mouse Park Concept Art

An aerial concept of the Mickey Mouse Park.

Market House Disneyland

Concept for the Starbucks remodel of the Market House on Main Street.

Ride Designs

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