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See below for Epcot Concept Art, from the Walt Disney World Resort. Epcot was the second gate at Walt Disney World, and is the World’s sixth most attended Park (third most in North America). Epcot was originally envisioned as a city of the future by Walt Disney before his death. However, Walt Disney management decided they shouldn’t be in the business of town planning and opted to build a Theme Park instead. Disney would later try their hand at town planning with the building of Celebration. Designed as a permanent World’s Fair, Epcot is close to the heart of many Theme Park fans.

The Park

Epcot Concept Art

Another early rendering.

Epcot The Land

A rendering made for The Land Pavilion.

Epcot Israel Concept Art

A rendering of Israel, an unbuilt Pavilion in the World Showcase. The Pavilion was announced, but security concerns prevented its construction.

Epcot World of Motion

A rendering of World of Motion, the predecessor of Test Track.

Epcot Norway Concept Art

A rendering of the Norway Pavilion.

Epcot Maelstrom Concept Art

A rendering of Maelstrom, the dark ride at the Norway Pavilion.

Epcot Concept Art

Another rendering of the Journey Into Imagination Pavilion.

Epcot Russia

Another rendering of the Soviet Union Pavilion.

Epcot Russia

A rendering for a Soviet Union Pavilion at Epcot. This pavilion was never built due to the revelations of the Soviet regime after the collapse of that nation.

Epcot Concept Art

An early rendering of Epcot.

Epcot UK

A rendering of the United Kingdom Pavilion in World Showcase.

Epcot Germany

A rendering of the Germany pavilion in World Showcase.

Epcot Concept Art

An overview of the Park.

Spaceship Earth Concept Art

An early rendering of Spaceship Earth, the Park’s icon.

Epcot Concept Art

A concept for the Journey Into Imagination Pavilion.

Epcot Concept Art

Epcot Concept Art by Disney Legend Herb Ryman.

Ride Design

See below for Concept Art for specific attractions at the Epcot Park.

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