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See below for the Great Movie Ride Concept Art from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Great Movie Ride opened with the Park, and has remained relatively unchanged since then. The attraction takes riders through a journey into the movies, featuring MGM’s extensive back catalogue. When Hollywood Studios originally opened in partnership with MGM, the ride was designed to showcase the best of MGM’s classic movies, with a large homage to the Wizard of Oz, Westerns and Gangster movies. The original Footlight Parade set piece, which contained water elements, often malfunctioned, flooding the ride path. The functionality of this set piece was later removed, and remains static in its current state.

The Great Movie Ride Concept Art.

A concept for the Gangster scene from the Great Movie Ride.

Old West Concept Art

Art showing John Wayne, from the Old West portion of the ride.

Wizard of Oz Concept Art.

A concept showing the Wizard of Oz characters, a large part of the ride’s story.

Singing in the Rain Concept Art

Gene Kelly, from the Singing in the Rain portion of the attraction.

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