Just for Fun: Walt Disney Studios Paris Refurbishment

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We’ve already looked at refurbishments for Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot, and now it’s Walt Disney Studios Paris’ turn to get the Just for Fun treatment. The clue is in the name, this is just a fun look at our ideas for a Walt Disney Studios Paris refurbishment. You can let us know what you think in the comments below!

The Park Today

Walt Disney Studios Paris Map

Image: DLRP Today

Walt Disney Studios Paris is infamously derided for its lack of theme, attractions and Disney magic. The Disneyland Paris Resort have been furiously adding attractions to try and bolster its lackluster lineup, with a new Ratatouille attraction opening this Summer. It is the least attended Disney Park in the World and also the smallest.

Our Plans

We’re investing $1.2 billion in Walt Disney Studios Paris, which is based on the investment over at Disney California Adventure. Check out our new Walt Disney Studios Paris map below, and then we’ll talk you through the changes:

Walt Disney Studios Paris Refurbishment

For the Chopping Block

Studio Tram Tour

Completely redundant as an attraction, Paris’ version was less impressive than the current lackluster version at Orlando when it first opened, let alone now. It also takes up a sizable chunk of real estate which can be put to far better use.

Art of Disney Animation

A better version of this attraction will be built, but we’ll discuss that later. It’s current home is demolished.

Flying Carpets Over Agrabah

Instead of being demolished, this ride is moved to Disneyland Park’s Adventureland.


The show building remains but this show is permanently retired.

Stitch Live!

The building remains but the show is retired.

Armageddon – Les Effets Speciaux

Even though it is unique to the Park (and we’re a sucker for physical effects shows), the show is closed and the building is demolished.

Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular

The show is retired and its arena is demolished.

Cost of Demolition/Relocation: $75 Million

Budget Remaining: $1.125 Billion

Walt Disney Studios Paris Refurbishment – New Additions

With the new additions, we’re going to take a look at the Park in terms of areas.

Front Lot and Studio One

No major changes here, but Studio One is spruced up, with a new table service restaurant, Hollywood Canteen, replacing Restaurant en Coulisses. Greenery is added, and cracked paving etc is repaired.

Cost to Refurbish: $50 Million

Budget Remaining: $1.075 Billion

Production Courtyard

There is a huge place making project here, with elements of Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Sunset Boulevard and Disney California Adventure’s Buena Vista Street. A replica of the Carthay Circle Theater is built, which will house the Carthay Circle Restaurant, and a new counter service location is also added. CinéMagique, Tower of Terror and Playhouse Disney: Live on Stage! remain, albeit with major cosmetic enhancements to their facades. In terms of new attractions:

The Great Movie Ride

To us, it’s not a Disney Studio Park without The Great Movie Ride. The Carthay Circle Theater will also house the attraction’s entrance, and it will resemble Hollywood Studios’ version with some minor updating. It’s more for the nostalgia than the cutting edge technology, and would give French guests a journey into the movies like no other. And just because we love it, here’s the end montage again (from Youtube user Andrew Hammond):

Mickey’s Philharmagic

This absolutely charming (in our opinion) attraction is ported from the Magic Kingdom and replaces Animagique.

Art of Disney Animation

A expanded facility will replace Stitch Live!, with updated displays and more scheduled events and demonstrations throughout the day.

Cost to Build: $250 Million

Budget Remaining: $825 Million

Toon Studio

Toon Studio will see some cosmetic upgrades, with an expanded Toon Town Meet and Greet (which doesn’t look like some cardboard sheets stuck against a wall), and much more greenery. Walkways are expanded and the various areas are cleaned up. In terms of attractions:

Turtle Talk with Crush

Replaces Flying Carpets Over Agrabah in terms of physical location and Stitch Live in terms of attraction type, this wildly popular attraction will be housed next to Crush’s Coaster, and will take the form of Crush’s home when he visits Toon Studio.

Toy Story Mania

This popular attraction from around the World makes its way to Paris, taking over a new sub-section of Toy Story Playland.

And the Big One… Frozen!

You might not have heard the song above before ( 😉 ) but it’s from Frozen, Disney’s latest phenomenon. Frozen takes its place at the back of Toon Studio (not far from the now demolished Catastrophe Canyon) and will contain a Frozen dark ride, similar in design to Ariel’s Undersea Adventure. Utilizing an omnimover, the key scene will be, ‘Let It Go’, with an ice castle growing in front of rider’s eyes in a particularly effects laden scene. Walt Disney Studios will also receive its first official mountain, complete with Elsa’s Palace. A meet and greet and the obligatory gift shop round out the area.

Cost to Build: $260 Million

Budget Remaining: $565 Million


There are some major changes to the Backlot, with the main feature being a lake in the middle to add some beautification. There is also much more greenery, whilst still retaining the movie making feel of the area. But rest assured, mass concrete expanses are no more.

Disney’s Centre de Prévisualisation

A small theatre and exhibit to showcase upcoming Disney movies, giving the Resort a dedicated space to introduce new films to audiences. This is something all Disney Parks lack, with the recent announcement of Guardians of the Galaxy previews temporarily overtaking two already existing attractions.

Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream

A direct port from Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the attraction will celebrate the history of Disney and his company, something which the Resort as a whole lacks severely.

New buildings are constructed for both attractions, and a new counter service restaurant rounds out the lineup.

Cost to Build: $150 Million

Budget Remaining: $415 Million

NEW LAND! Marvel Superhero Land

Maybe we copied IOA’s Marvel area title a little, but what the heck, this is just for fun remember! Marvel will get its own presence in this area, sharing the Park’s new small lake with the Backlot. A table service restaurant will be added, The Metropolitan, taking on a big city eatery style, with Marvel characters wandering around.

Iron Man Experience

A copy of the new attraction going into Hong Kong Disneyland, this will give Walt Disney Studios Paris its first motion simulator attraction. One of the Park’s major E-Tickets, Iron Man will be one of the premier attractions of Walt Disney Studios Paris.

Iron Man Ride

A concept showing a show scene from the new Iron Man attraction.

The Avengers: Gardiens de l’Univers

A live action stage show, The Avengers: Gardiens de l’Univers will use cutting edge technology to bring a thrilling battle between The Avengers and Loki to the stage. Utilizing acrobatics, pyrotechnics and state of the art sound technology, the battle will take place both on stage and around the guests, delivering a thrilling (and quite terrifying) experience.

Spiderman Meet and Greet

Spiderman’s dedicated meet and greet is expanded to a much larger location. Complete with other characters from the series, as well as The Avengers, Spiderman will entertain guests and provide a welcome queue guzzler for the Park.

The space between the Iron Man Experience, Tower of Terror and The Great Movie Ride show building is left vacant for a future Marvel attraction to make its way to the Park.

Cost to Build: $400 Million

Budget Remaining: $15 Million

Remaining Budget

So what to do with that last $15 Million? We’re going to donate it to Disney Village and make sure they repaint EVERYTHING as it looks a disgrace! And that’s our Walt Disney Studios Paris Refurbishment! Let us know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget you can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!

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