In Memoriam: Camelot Theme Park, Lancashire, UK

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Camelot Theme Park

Camelot Theme Park, located near Charnock Richard (about 3 miles from Chorley in Lancashire, UK) was a theme park inspired by the Medieval legend of Camelot. Opening its gates in 1983, Camelot Theme Park’s rides and attractions were aimed towards children and families, and the Park was a popular draw for school trips (including my own). Gradually, over the years, thrill rides and roller coasters were added to the mix.

The Park changed hands many times over the years, being run by Granada Group alongside American Adventure and the Granada Studios Tour from 1986-98. The Park was eventually owned by the Story Group towards the end of its life, and was leased to Knights Leisure who operated the Park.

At its height in 1995, Camelot attracted 500,000 visitors seasonally. However, in 2005 this had declined to just below 340,000. The Park went into receivership in early 2009 (during the off season), but eventually opened for business in May of that year. By this point, the Park was receiving mixed reviews, with cleanliness and general maintenance cited as lacking in some areas. It’s also fair to say that the Park was not a patch on Alton Towers in terms of thrills, and Gulliver’s World in Warrington was also a draw for families and children. In 2006, Camelot came joint bottom in a poll conducted around healthy food at UK visitor attractions, scoring one point.

Knightmare Roller Coaster

Knightmare, the Park’s largest roller coaster.

Excalibur 2

Excalibur 2, a Fabbri Evolution flat ride, which replaced Excalibur, and inverting swinging ship ride at the Park.

Faced with dwindling attendance, Camelot announced that it would close after the 2012 season. The Management cited the Olympic games, Her Majesty’s Jubilee and poor summers as the reason for closure. The site’s owners are considering other uses for the area, and the site will most likely become a housing development if plans go forward.

Camelot Theme Park Map

A map of the Park from the 2011 season.

Camelot Theme Park Entrance

It’s no Disneyland is it?

The site is currently abandoned, and is a mecca for Urban Explorers, some of whom photograph their visits. See below for photos originally posted to 28 Days Later, from user tweek:

Camelot Theme Park Abandoned

The Park’s Knightmare Coaster.

Camelot Theme Park Abandoned

Knightmare and Excalibur 2, abandoned.

Photo of the Park taken from the Knightmare Coaster.

Photo of the Park taken from the Knightmare Coaster.

Camelot Theme Park Abandoned

The top of the Knightmare Coaster lift hill.

Camelot Theme Park Abandoned

Props and theming from the Park lies strewn around the site.

What did you think of Camelot Theme Park? Sorry or glad to see it go? Let us know in the comments! And as a special bonus, check out this POV video of the Knightmare roller coaster from Theme Park Review:

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