News: El Loco Opens at The Adventuredome

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El Loco, Adventuredome‘s 2014 offering, opened this week at the popular indoor Park. The Park, part of the Circus Circus Hotel on the Las Vegas strip, sits at five acres, and this compact S&S Loco Coaster, one of six in the World, fits in nicely with a small footprint.

El Loco

The coaster features a number of twists, turns and steep drops, as well as some unique overbanked elements. Featuring 1,300 feet of track, the coaster is 90ft at its tallest, and reaches top speeds of up to 45mph and 1.5 vertical-G. Riders will enjoy a custom soundtrack on the ride, with speakers built into the seats, and the coaster can accommodate six cars on the track at any one time.

Robb Alvey over at Theme Park Review caught some awesome POV footage, as well as some stunning off-ride footage as well:

The Adventuredome is free to enter, with a per-ride price. There are also wristbands available which include all of the rides. What do you think of El Loco? Let us know in the comments!

Luke Dunsmore is a lover of Theme Parks, and is the editor of ThemeParkInvestigator.Com, a news, review and opinion site dedicated to the fascinating World of Theme Parks. He lives in Manchester, UK.

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