News: Hershey’s Chocolate World Construction Update at New York, New York Las Vegas

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Edit: Massive apologies to our readers for the mistake made with what we were told was a map of the Las Vegas facility. This has now been updated below. Thanks to Josh Young for pointing that out for us.

Just a quick construction update from Hershey’s Chocolate World, opening soon at New York, New York Las Vegas. Screamscape has reported a rumoured opening date of June 3rd. However, we can’t see it being ready after these photos from last Monday:

Hershey's Chocolate World Construction

The loop of the Roller Coaster at New York, New York can be seen above the new attraction.

Hershey's Chocolate World Construction

It’s certainly an impressive hotel…

Hershey's Chocolate World Construction

Reese’s Kisses attached to the side of the building.

Hershey's Chocolate World Construction

It’s a nice facade. Certainly welcoming.

Hershey's Chocolate World

Nice sign… yeah, nice…

The store and experience looks to be impressive, and you can check out a map of the experience in Hershey, PA, as well an image from The Great American Chocolate Tour, an omnimover style ride, below:

The Great American Chocolate Adventure Hershey's Chocolate World Map

The Las Vegas version will be much smaller than this, and will act mainly as a flagship store for the brand. If you’re in Las Vegas over the next couple of days, let us know if you see the attraction open in the comments!

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