News: Ratatouille Preview Overview from the Walt Disney Studios Paris

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Disneyland Paris held a special Ratatouille preview event this past Sunday, and Place de Remy was officially dedicated by Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger, as well as Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Tom Staggs and Disneyland Paris President Phillipe Gas.

Ratatouille Preview

Image: Disney

You can see a video of the dedication ceremony below, from DLP Guide:

The trio seemed keen to play down the attraction’s location at the Walt Disney Studios, with Bob Iger describing the Park as Disneyland Paris at one point, and a Disneyland Paris logo on the stage backdrop as opposed to a Walt Disney Studios logo.

Tom Staggs said:

‘When we turn amazing worlds that may only exist in our imaginations or on film into multi-dimensional theme park experiences, we give our guests the opportunity to step into a story that they love. And Ratatouille is a fantastic example of that’.

The Disney Parks Blog was keen to showcase the attraction, saying:

‘The new attraction whisks guests into a crazy, culinary adventure in one of the capital’s most chic dining establishments, Chez Gusteau, offering a comical rat’s eye view into the world of Remy. Guests begin their adventure on the rooftops of Paris before boarding ratmobiles to scurry though the restaurant’s cold store and dining room overseen by the intimidating Chef Skinner’.

The blog also confirmed that Chez Marianne, the area’s merchandise location, will not open until the end of 2014. Still no reason for that delay. However, Bistrot Chez Remy will open with Ratatouille – l’Aventure Totalement Toquee de Remy on July 10th.

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