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See below for Tokyo Disney Resort Concept Art. The Resort features two Parks, Tokyo Disneyland, and the recognized King of Theme Parks, Tokyo DisneySea. The latter Park stands for many Theme Park fans as a stellar example of how a Theme Park should look, with thematic immersion and World class attractions that are unmatched elsewhere around the Globe. The design of the Park was influenced by the never built Disneyland second gate at Long Beach, which would have followed the Park’s nautical theme. The Park’s are amongst the most highly attended in the World, and are notable as being the only Parks not wholly or partly owned by the Walt Disney Company, who lease the license to use the Disney theme to the Oriental Land Company, the owners of the Park.

The Parks were affected by the 2011 Japanese Earthquake, which caused damage at the Park and stranded thousands of guests overnight because of the closure of Tokyo’s public transportation system on the evening of the Earthquake. Tokyo DisneySea remained closed for five weeks for repairs and inspections, and it is estimated that the Resort lost $400 million in profit during the unprecedented closure.

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disney Resort Concept Art

Tokyo DisneySea

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