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See below for Tokyo Disneyland Concept Art. The Park, which was the first Disney Park to be built outside of the United States, opened in 1983, and was heavily influenced by the design of its American Cousins. The Park is the third most visited in the World, after Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and Anaheim’s Disneyland, and receives around 14 million visitors per year. The Park, along with Sister Park Tokyo DisneySea, was heavily affected by the 2011 Japanese Earthquake.

Tokyo Disneyland Concept Art

A concept for Rivers of America in the Park’s Westernland area, featuring Tom Sawyer’s Island.

Monorail Concept Art

A concept featuring the Resort’s Monorail system.

Tokyo Disneyland Concept Art

A very early concept for Tokyo Disneyland.

World Bazaar Concept Art

A concept showing World Bazaar, Tokyo Disneyland’s answer to Main Street at the American Parks.

Tokyo Disneyland Castle Concept Art

A concept of the Tokyo Disneyland Castle.

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