Trip Report: El Loco at Adventuredome Theme Park Las Vegas

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Continuing Las Vegas Week here at Theme Park Investigator, as well as our trip report from Adventuredome Theme Park, we tell you about our experience of El Loco, the Park’s new coaster. An S&S Loco coaster, the tight layout of the ride certainly packs a punch, and its amazing what Adventuredome have managed to cram into such a small space. We loved it! You can see some images of the ride below (click to enlarge):

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However, after three rides, I decided on one more before I headed out. It was a quiet day, and I had the back two seats of the four seater car to myself, with a couple in front. All was well, until the ride got to the lift hill. As the car began to climb, we heard a loud bang, and the car slid backwards, stopped, slid again and rolled back towards the station with a shudder.

We stopped part way between the station and the lift. Maintenance crews were on the scene quickly, as well as Park management, and we were physically pushed to the lift, where we were manually secured, released and evacuated down the lift hill stairs. It wasn’t a nice experience I can tell you, but kudos to the Adventuredome team members for being so efficient and helpful.

El Loco

Waiting to be evacuated.

El Loco Accident

El Loco

The car was stuck for a while before it eventually climbed the hill and ran the course.

El Loco

El Loco

The ride after we evacuated.

We asked Adventuredome about the incident. Tom Nolan, Vice President of Theme Park Operations at Adventuredome, said:

‘We are proud to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for the 300,000 guests that visit The Adventuredome each month. The safety and comfort of our guests is always our top priority’.

Krista Gilbertson, Public Relations Coordinator for MGM Resorts International, indicated that the Park would not comment on internal operations, but did say:

‘We have reviewed the incident and, as is our practice, will continue to make any adjustments needed on an ongoing basis to ensure a comfortable, safe experience for all of our guests’.

So an interesting experience indeed on Adventuredome’s new coaster. Despite the incident, El Loco is an awesome ride, and well worth visiting if you’re passing through Las Vegas. Even if you don’t have time for a full day at the Park, you can get individual ride tickets, so give El Loco a whirl! Have you ridden El Loco? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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